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    SHRM DE State Council Leadership Workshop/Executive Coaching

    Date: September 18, 2018, 8:00am
    SHRM Delaware State Council
    Wilmington University New Castle Campus, DAC Building Auditorium
    320 N. DuPont Highway, New Castle, DE 19720
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    This event is an event for SHRM State Council, DE SHRM  Chapter and Delmvarva board members only.  Invitationn only.

    Coaching: the key to empowering your workforce

    In times of near full employment, the questions keeping HR professionals awake at night are:
    •    How do we achieve more without adding people?
    •    How do we improve leadership skills in our people?
    •    How do we get our people to bring their best selves to work?
    •    How do we keep the very best people and not risk them leaving for better offers?
    •    How do we create a great organization with empowered and inspired people?
    •    If I am the one responsible for this, how can I do it and where do I go for help?

    Do any of those questions resonate with you? 

    You will have the opportunity to learn how coaching is transforming employees and leaders to strengthen skills, enhance performance, develop greater self-awareness, have honest and helpful conversations, develop the self-confidence to take risks and lead others, and create an eagerness to continuously improve.

    Learn what coaching really is, how it works, and how you can increase coaching skills within your organization. Develop an understanding of how to identify good coaches to work with and empower your employees. Learn how to establish a coaching process in your organization that will create an environment of learning and a thirst for awareness of personal impact. Hear directly from one HR leader, Brian K.  Mossor, who has personally created coaching programs to empower employees at Comcast and Wells Fargo. Learn from one of the premier coaches in the Delaware Valley, Jackie A. Vice-Black, Ph.D., about how she has partnered with HR to transform performance and leadership skills in small, mid-size, and very large organizations---all with the goal of bringing out the best in employees at all levels.

    Having inspired and empowered employees, leadership at all levels, people who know they need to constantly enhance their skills and fill-in capability gaps is crucial to thriving in a challenging, global environment. If your organization is looking to you to help it achieve its business objectives, you cannot afford to miss this workshop. 

    Jackie A. Vice-Black has presented nationally and is known for her ability to share true stories about her success in coaching leaders across the globe by helping them to understand their impact on others, build on their strengths, and move to increased levels of responsibility. Brian Mossor has a strong reputation as a seasoned HR professional with outstanding experiences in training and development in multiple industries in the Delaware Valley. This will be a great opportunity to hear how theory and practice have come together to produce change in many organizations.

    Coaching: The key to empowering your workforce
    I.    What are the challenges facing our organizations today in times of near full employment, increased financial pressures, and uninspired workforce? What are our organizations expecting from us as HR professionals? To what extent are leaders in our organizations being developed to face the challenges of the next 5 years?
    II.    Lessons from the Olympics, the Super Bowl, Wimbledon. How do the best athletes use coaches? If 100% of great athletes use coaches, why don’t 100% of CEOs and Presidents use coaches?
    III.    What is coaching and how is it different from training and mentoring? What does the coaching process look like?  What types of people can benefit from coaching? How can we bring coaching into our organizations in a more impactful way? 
    IV.    Coaching Models. Tools needed for effective coaching.
    V.    Key attributes of really good coaches.
    VI.    Case Studies of organizations that systematically invest in coaching as a tool to empower and create leadership at all levels.
    a.    How was the need identified? 
    b.    What were the elements of the process that created an atmosphere where coaching was seen as an imperative for success?
    c.    How results were measured?
    d.    The role of HR in using internal and external coaches and the advantages of each.
    e.    The role of senior management
    f.    The role of the person being coached
    VII.    What is the real strategic value of coaching in creating an inspired, empowered workforce?
    VIII.    How to use business terms, like return on investment, when we talk about coaching.
    IX.    The skills HR partners need to transform their organizations.